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Fufu is a « feel good » services company created by Aurélie BELOT. 

Aurélie is born in Burgundy. After stuying at a Business School in San Francisco and Barcelone, she decided to move in Paris. 23 years after, her love story with this city is still alive! In 2017, she turned her back on a long and fruitful career in marketing and communication to create her own business: a personal assistant services company dedicated to all Parisians, both native and by adoption, but also as well as for Small and Medium Businesses that sometimes need a helping hand by someone who knows what is what.

Why create Fufu? 

Creating my own business is something I had in mind for many years. I needed to find the right idea that would combine what I enjoy most  and where I’m really good at: having strong interaction with people, and solve problems. So the idea of Fufu came pretty naturally. 


What does mean Fufu?

Literally nothing:) It’s a funny reference to my childhood. When I was a kid and somebody asked me what was my name, I always answered: « Fufu »! 


Why should I use your services?

Because you don’t have time, or you don’t want to do things, because you’re not fluent in French or because you need our expertise.

We spare you time so you can enjoy more life. Being 100% reliable as we act the same way as we will do it for ourselves, we also offer a lot of comfort!


Why proposing services in Paris?

First of all it is because it's where I have lived for nearly a quarter of century and I know the capital inside out. It’s also one of the most beautiful and visited places in the world. Paris is a cultural, gourmet, architectural, human adventure. However, it can be tough to combine your professional and personal life, unless having a 32-hours in a day or hiring a personal assistant!


What would you say about yourself? 

I’m easy going and open minded, always eager to discover new things, meet new people.

In the meantime I am very result oriented and problem solving.

I think my friends would also say that I’m cheerful and a very smiling person !

Interested in Our Services?

Opening hours

Services Available Monday-Friday 


24-Hour Notice Required

(Rush Service May Be Available)


+33 6 61 93 20 45

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