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About Fufu

Fufu is a service company “feel good” created by Aurélie BELOT.


Aurélie was born in Burgundy and after her business school studies in San Francisco and Barcelona, she decided to settle in Paris. And 23 years later, her love affair with Paris is still intact!


With a rich and intense career in marketing and communication, Aurélie decided in 2017 to embark on entrepreneurship by offering Parisians a personal assistant service, particularly for foreigners living in France.

Why did you create Fufu?

For years, I wanted to create a business, and I was looking for THE good idea, one that would combine both what I like and what I am rather good at: contact with people and my ability to provide solutions. . And Fufu's idea finally came quite naturally.

What does Fufu mean?

Nothing :) It's a nod to my childhood, because when I was a child and someone asked me what my name was, I answered: "Fufu"!

Why use your services?

Because your time is limited and you need it. Because you don't want to do things yourself, or you are not comfortable with the French language or you needspecific expertise. Outsourcing a mission to us allows you to focus on your work, hobbies or family. Pragmatic, trustworthy and solution-oriented, we carry out the missions aswe would for ourselves.

Why did you create Fufu in Paris?

Firstly because Paris is the city where I have lived for nearly a quarter of a century and I know it very well. I love discovering new places, new restaurants orconcept stores. I am passionate about this city. Paris is a cultural, gastronomic, architectural and human adventure. But, it can be complicated to combineyour professional and personal life, unless you have 32-hour days or a personal assistant!

What to say about you?

I am easy-going and open-minded, curious about everything, I like to discover new things and meet new people.At work, I am pragmatic and efficient, I like to find solutions that contribute to results. My friends would also tell you that I am playful and caring!

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