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3 reasons to entrust us with a task

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You can call on an external, experienced and operational resource, without having to recruit. It's a flexible, cost-effective solution.

If you entrust your marketing and communication missions to us, you can develop your sales by concentrating on your business.

With a single point of contact who will have taken the time to get to know you, you can be sure of a perfect understanding of your needs.

Fufu, the personal assistant for businesses in Paris

Do you occasionally or regularly need additional skills or resources to manage specific projects?

Are you unable to recruit for financial reasons?

We can help with:


  • Preparing meetings with your customers (breakfasts, evenings, lunch & learns, trade shows, etc.)

  • Organizing events for your staff (team building, Christmas parties, seminars, etc.) or partners

  • Marketing consultancy & creation of web or print sales tools(website, email campaigns, business cards, flyers, greetings cards, etc.)

  • Finding suppliers or customized solutions (removals, office improvement work, training, etc.)

  • Finding corporate gifts/goodies for your customers, partners, staff, and employees

  • And more!

We're serious, motivated, and build loyalty among our customers, who regularly entrust us with new assignments, incomplete confidence.


You control your costs and remain free, with no new payroll charges. Contact us for a quote.

Why choose Fufu for your company?

With our expertise and experience, we can lighten your schedule and your mental load. Your company can develop with agility by delegating one-off or long-term tasks to us.


You can outsource all or part of the services you don't have time for or don't want to manage.

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Do you need personal assistant

services for you or your business?

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