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Choose Fufu, your personal assistant in Paris!

For several years now, thanks to our solid experience, private individuals from allover the world have placed their trust in us. Whether for one-off or regular assignments, Fufu has become their private personal assistant to meet their immediate or future needs.


We work for anyone who needs help with their day-to-day organization to make their life easier and more efficient. This gives you the chance to spend more time with your family or friends, take up sport, or relax by outsourcing time-consuming tasks that you don't want to or can't manage.

How does Fufu work as a personal assistant?

The easiest way to explain is to present a selection of Fufu's assignments:


After buying a new flat, one of our customers entrusted us with her keys. Our team then took charge of all the necessary fittings: painting, installation of parquet flooring, complete cleaning and furnishing. Finally, we arranged for the client to rent her flat through a specialist agency.

Mission fully assured
by Fufu!

We were contacted by an American couple who had just retired and were arriving in Paris. We helped them through the tedious administrative procedures involved in registering with the French Social Security system.

Installation and integration fully assured

by Fufu!

A busy Parisian woman wanted to celebrate her fiftieth birthday. Our assistance included finding the ideal venue, planning the entertainment, recommending first-rate caterers, and setting up the decorations on the big day.

Fufu is your future personal assistant!

Still not convinced?

Here are a few examples of tasks we've carried out for a wide range of clients:

Fufu adapts to all requests. The easiest wayis to get to know each other and discussyour projects

  • Administrative tasks: registering with an internet service provider, EDF contract (electricity), dealing with public services, writing letters in French, etc.

  • Upkeep of your house or flat: appointments with technicians, workmen, and repairers

  • Making appointments: doctors, lawyers, notaries, transport companies, etc.

  • Organizing trips, holidays, weekends, and activities for children in Paris, France, and Europe

For example, we handle on your behalf :

  • Shopping sessions: gifts for your partner or children,fashion accessories, flowers, pastries...

  • Suggesting a vet or pet-sitter for your pet

  • Suggestions of suitable French courses

  • Sourcing suppliers or tailor-made solutions (relocation,home improvement work, training)

Why choose your Fufu personal assistant for your next project in Paris?

Fufu is a private concierge service based in Paris. So we know the capital and its region inside out, and love living and working there. Our network is highly developed to meet our customers'expectations.

If you're new to Paris or its suburbs, you'll benefit from our Parisian experience for personalized services.

What do you need?

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Who are Fufu's services for?

At Fufu, having a specific goal, a problem, or lacking time is sufficient to get a special personal assistant.


Do you only speak English?

No problem, we're bilingual in English and French to meet your needs.

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