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What are the rates?

No subscription | The price we agree on is guaranteed | No surprises or hidden costs.

Time spent

If you need help with your daily chores or just an occasional assignment, we're here for you. Before each assignment, we estimate the time required and provide you with a price for approval.

90 € incl. VAT per hour


For recurring or more complex assignments (requiring intellectual services, for example), we offer a fixed price. After a telephone or face-to-face briefing, Fufu sends you an estimate for approval. This guarantees a controlled budget that's known in advance.

On request

Our services and prices are offered in the departments of Paris (75) and Hauts-de-Seine (92).
Additional charges may apply outside this area.

Payment methods



Bank transfer


On request, an advance payment can be made for the purchase of products and services (for example, if you ask us to research and buy a gift for your friend, we will carry out the research, then buy the product for you and you will reimburse us afterwards).

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