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We simplify your life

Tell me you never dream of getting more time to be with your family, doing sport, having fun, chilling out. Good news: we can take care of all these boring or time-consuming tasks that you don't want or can't handle and help you in:

Your day-to-day challenges

  • administrative tasks: administrative file submissions, administrative procedure

  • house maintenance: schedule & await repairmen, technicians, utilities, deliveries

  • appointements settings: with doctors, layers, carriers for delivery…

  • errands: gift for your partner or child

  • product research: fashion items, flower, food…

  • pet care or pet sitting assistance: vet visit with pet, find a dog sitter 

  • car care: take for wash, gas, scheduled maintenance

Proposing entertainment

  • travel organization 

  • holidays or week-end organization (in France or Europe)

Organizing events

  • birthdays

  • wedding anniversaries

  • special events

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Supporting on real estate projects

  • hunting 

  • visiting 

  • consulting

  • supervising renovations

Visiting your senior family member on a regular basis

  • courtesy visit: chatting, playing games, reading…

  • opening courier and archiving

  • paying bills

Special requests

  • Find out providers for specific missions (moving, works…)

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Why you better entrust us with a mission


Delegate tasks reduces stress and gives you extra free time to enjoy family time or entertainment.


Outsourcing makes life easier and simpler, even cheaper: you can focus on your business or job and get things done faster. "Time is money"!


Having one single point of contact that knows you guarantees a good understanding of your needs.

Are You Interested in Our Services?

Opening hours

Services Available Monday-Friday 


24-Hour Notice Required

(Rush Service May Be Available)


+33 6 60 94 76 08 

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